MBOLA is a non-profit organization since 2001, providing bereaved familieswith the essentials of ghusl, kafan, and final burial rites by organized, well-trained volunteers.

After successfully launching its 1st cemetery in 2009 and selling out all plots, MBOLA has now established its second cemetery, Wadi-e-Hussain, with a capacity of 750 plots, starting at $3,300 each. Payment plans are available.

Why Do We Need Wadi-e-Hussain?

  1. Wajib-e Kefai
  2. No more graves are available
  3. Demographics: Aging community
  4. New Generation

Why Wadi-e-Hussain?

  1. Elegant and Central location
  2. Independent lot
  3. 750 grave plots
  4. Pricing lower than other cemeteries
  5. Proximity to local centers
  6. Anticipated coverage for 2-3 decades